Hello, I’m Junior, a UX Designer focusing on creating delightful experiences. 

I combine Human-centred Design, Lean and Agile mindsets to guide my work toward a customer-centric solution.

Currently working as Senior Digital UX Lead for Great Southern Bank.

I’m passionate about a customer-centric, multi-disciplinary approach.

I believe adaptability to different methodologies is a key element to effective project execution. I refine and tweak my process according to timelines and business requirements.

hcd approach
Explore problems and opportunities
Research, learn and observe
Ideate possible solutions
Create concepts and prototypes
Test and validate
Launch, iterate and optimise
Search for product market fit
Iterate, test, repeat

“There is no one correct way, nor is one single mindset enough. But all together, elements of each mindset help us to find our way forward.“ — Jonny Schneider

Sharetank for Small Businesses

carbon count

Carbon Count – Z App